LinkSquare identifies medications with the touch of button, ensuring that patients receive the correct drugs while protecting against counterfeits.


The problem

Pharmacists and caregivers have a tremendous responsibility: to correctly deliver important and, in some cases, life-sustaining medication to patients. Unfortunately, the hectic process of distributing treatments can be taxing on those working in the field, leading to accidental mix-ups that can result in illness or even death.

Further, the problem is exacerbated in some cases by the proliferation of counterfeit drugs, particularly in developing countries where regulatory infrastructure is less robust.

The ability to accurately identify various drugs is confined to highly-trained professionals who often have limited time, like licensed pharmacists and nurses; in some resource-limited regions, such specialists may not be available at all.

Without a product to make drug identification easier, faster, and more accessible, patients will continue to suffer the consequences of consuming incorrect or unsafe medications.


LinkSquare provides expertise in drug identification through the power of spectroscopy. By taking an expensive and cumbersome laboratory tool and putting it in the palm of the hand, LinkSquare allows anyone to determine the identity of a pill with the aid of an intuitive mobile app.

Not only does LinkSquare help those who deliver medications to confidently ensure the safety of their patients, but it also reduces the workload of highly- skilled medical professionals, saving costs while allowing technicians and assistants to manage prescriptions on their own in a more efficient workflow.

Ultimately, LinkSquare leads to better outcomes for patients by streamlining the job of those who provide medications. When pharmacists and caregivers have LinkSquare at the ready, they can confidently identify a drug in moments and deliver the correct medication to patients every time, eliminating needless mix-ups and removing counterfeit drugs from the shelves.

The solution


The technology

LinkSquare leverages both visible and near-infrared (NIR) light to identify medications; LinkSquare literally shines a light onto pills to detect the degree to which wavelengths of light are absorbed or reflected, creating a signature that is unique to each drug. There is no need to rely on sight alone when LinkSquare can make scientifically accurate distinctions in moments.


Unlike most spectroscopy equipment, LinkSquare is fully portable and,  with an accompanying smartphone app, does not require an internet connection to function. Whether on a medication cart in a care facility, in a concrete storeroom of a pharmacy, or in rural areas with no connectivity, LinkSquare is capable of identifying over 500 medications on the spot, whatever the spot happens to be.

Self-contained system

LinkSquare relies on thorough sampling of each medication to determine distinguishing spectral features, as well as statistical parameters for identity confirmation. These parameters continuously evolve as drugs are sampled, enabling us to tell even closely related medications apart, like generic and name brand versions of the same drug.

Machine learning


We build custom solutions, so working with us is always an individualized experience.  Whether you need to identify medications or your enterprise wants to solve a completely different kind of problem, we are happy to help.

Here’s an overview of our process:


Tell us more about your needs. We’ll help determine if LinkSquare is a good fit.


We generate a timeline, quote, and list of resources necessary to the project.


Our engineers collect data, develop algorithms, and complete the database.


Start using LinkSquare and the custom database in the field.


We’ll work with you to maintain and update the database as needed.

The process

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LinkSquare identifies medications with the touch of button, ensuring that patients receive the correct drugs while protecting against counterfeits.

The technology

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