Scan anything. Scan anywhere.

Meet LinkSquare

Set it up in your kitchen, carry it around in your pocket, take it to the outdoors.

Scan with LinkSquare and have confidence in your life.

What makes LinkSquare unique?

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Scan anything. Scan anywhere.

Explore the world around you with LinkSquare® and discover more about the world at a molecular level.

LinkSquare is a smart handheld scanner born out of a mission to make infrared spectroscopy available for everyday use. By reading the visible and near infrared light LinkSquare can capture the slightest difference of colors, as well as identify materials.

Simply scan an object of your interest with LinkSquare. You can check the quality of food, verify the veracity of product information, assess plant growth, and explore so many things around you.



LinkSquare can see what your naked eye might miss.

A typical human eye will respond to the visible light (400 nm – 700 nm). LinkSquare, on the other hand, not only detects visible light but also near infrared light (400 nm – 1000 nm).

LinkSquare delivers this unique lab science into the palm of your hand at an affordable price. Use a little help from LinkSquare to reveal a myriad of properties of the many things around you.


The possibilities are endless!

LinkSquare can be used in many different ways – it can authenticate, identify, check freshness, check sweetness, and do much more. You can use our applets or make your own applets to build food trackers, nutrition apps, healthy eating apps, whatever suits your needs.


From grocery shopping to farms and food processing.

▫ Food sorting
▫ Sweetness analysis
▫ Freshness analysis

Luxury goods

Quick and easy way to authenticate.

▫ Counterfeit detection
▫ Whiskey identification
▫ Gold purity analysis


Making sure the patient consumes the right medication.

▫ Counterfeit medication detection
▫ Medication identification


Detecting the invisible is the key for crime prevention.

▫ Counterfeit currency detection
▫ Security ink check
▫ Drug detection


When you scan an object with LinkSquare, LinkSquare obtains the object’s spectral signature which is unique to the molecular composition. LinkSquare then uses its machine learning algorithms to search the pre-built database for a match to display the result on your smart device.


Analysis and Search

scan the item whose identity you want to confirm with LinkSquare.

LinkSquare obtains the item’s spectral signature. Machine learning algorithms search the pre-built custom database for a match.


The LinkSquare app will show the results of the scan.

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Stratio, Inc., the maker of LinkSquare, was founded to make infrared technology available for everyone. We design products that will help you have confidence in your consumption of goods with our proprietary infrared sensor making technology.

To that end, the three co-founders, PhDs in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, joined forces to make the world’s first smart handheld spectrometer and built the team to finally introduce LinkSquare.


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Scan anything. Scan anywhere.

Meet LinkSquare

What makes LinkSquare unique?

What you can do with it

How it works

Who we are

Want to know more?

We’d love to hear from you.