Let LinkSquare
analyze your Food.

LinkSquare is ready to help check quality
traits of materials such as:


LinkSquare is a smart handheld spectrometer.
It was created to allow everyone access
to the benefits of infrared analysis.

What do you want to know?

Fruits & Vegetables

LinkSquare can detect the
sweetness (Brix), ripeness,
and spoiled spots
for your fruits and vegetables.

Fish & Meat

LinkSquare can estimate the freshness
of your fish and meat
by analyzing spectral fingerprints.

About LinkSquare

Brix, ripeness, fat content, color ...
there are so many things about your food
that you cannot analyze with your naked eye.
If you don't see an applet of your interest
in the LinkSquare app, don't worry:
you can collect spectral data on your own
with one of our LinkSquare Packages
and upload them to our AI Platform,
where our powerful machine learning algorithms
will run and create personalized applets for you.

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about LinkSquare?